"connoisseur club" / our discount buying club

In our publications we list two prices for every wine, for example: $11.50 / cc 9.78. The second price is our discounted price (15% discount on every wine*) exclusively for Connoisseur Club members!


How to save 15% on every wine*

Every wine you buy for a full year is discounted at the cash register a whopping 15% (*except for automatic Wine of the Month Club transactions), whether you buy one bottle or several cases. This includes all the wines on our shelves in the store, all the wines we pick up in Seattle during our monthly buying trips, plus any wines we special order just for you. You'll enjoy even more savings, up to 25%, during our three annual "sale days!"

plus - other Connoisseur Club benefits all for only $50 per year!

In addition you receive exclusive invitations to attend Connoisseur Club-only special dinner and tasting events, and you get our "Wine Alert" email several times a month offering you special collectible, highly allocated wines, where Connoisseur Club members have FIRST PRIORITY on all wines of limited availability!



How to signup

To become a member of the Connoisseur Club, please contact Vino! via the sign-up button below, or stop by the store. You can even apply your new discount to wines you purchase the day you sign up!